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Scala Programming for Data Science

This badge shows the understanding of the main concepts of Scala programming including object oriented programming, case object and classes, collections, for expressions, pattern matching and more.

Monitor App Availability and Understand its Usage

This badge displays an understanding of topics such as Automated Monitoring, Availability Monitoring, Alert Notification services on IBM Cloud, and DevOps and Google Analytics .

Enterprise Design Thinking Practitioner

Enterprise Design Thinking is IBM's approach to applying design thinking at the speed & scale a modern enterprise demands. It helps teams not only form intent, but deliver outcomes - outcomes that advance the state of the art and improve the lives of the people they serve.

Create the Front-end for a Visitor Tracking App

This badge displays an understanding of topics such as Angular.js, Bootstrap, jQuery and how to create the front-end of a visitor tracking application on IBM Cloud.

Recent Projects

Real time Tracking

React Native - Node Js - Kafka - Scala - Akka - Graph Database (Neo4j)

The mobile app tracks your position and sends it to my local server using Node Js backend which is the producer of topics sent to my kafka server , during this project the produced positions are consumed by akka actors , one actor compares the geolocation with safe stored geolocations in the Neo4j graph database, then your mobile app shows you an alert if you aren’t on the safe way .


Online store


It's an online store using the latest technologies : React.js , Strapi and SnipCart .


Mail management application

Ruby On Rails

During this project, my mission was initially to identify the subject and understand the business of the company. I have chosen the SCRUM method as a project methodology , afterwards I conducted a global requirements analysis to produce the project's Product Backlog and a technical study of the different used tools.


Device management application

React.js , Express.js

This application has several spaces:
-employees: declare the problem that has been detected .
-technical support manager: this is a space that must display all detected problems inorder to repair it by specifying each the progress.
- Administrator : monitor the progress of all complaints, have visual reports about each progress , and the tasks performed by the technical manager in order to sanction delays.


Support courses management application


It is a platform with a set of fairly advanced functionalities which makes it possible to manage and control the main actors of this type of companies: Students and teachers ,different courses , payment , marketing SMS ...




About me

Software Engineer

I am a junior software engineer with a huge enthusiasm in building applications based on requirements and client needs. I am also a problem solver and a best team collaborator understanding the Interest and ability to learn other coding languages as needed.

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I truly recommend working with Ihssane she has a great work ethic, passionate about her domain, ambitious and can get the assignment done neatly and days before the deadline, a truly great contributor in any set environment !

Khaoula Hidawi
MSc. In Cybersecurity And Cybercrimes

Ihssane is an incredibly talented software engineer. She's able to understand and solve problems even the most complicated and unfamiliar ones. "Serious, determined and creative", this what I would say if I had to describe Ihssane. An excellent co-worker that enjoy collaborate and share with others.

Safia Ougrich
Business Student

Ihssane has this motivation to not fear latest technologies, because of her focus on logic and algorithms before the technology itself. She has also the team-work spirit, self-discipline and good quality of work, I wish for you Ihssane, the best in your IT career! Top

Mohamed khalil ANEBDOUR
Java Software Engineer at MAROCLEAR

Its my second time working with Ihssane Hatim, my first experience working with her was amazing i know her as a very humble , focused and cooperative person. Ihssane is very knowledgeable in her field, optimistic and knows what company needs. Its my pleasure to write a recommendation for her.

The Design Maker
Brand identity designer at sustainable homes investments

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